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RoboticsAlternator BracketPCDCAs a full service company, we engineer, die cast, machine, finish and inspect every part and assembly to ensure the highest quality standards. PCG is a group of six integrated companies, all based in Muskegon, serving a variety of industries. PCG includes five die casting plants, custom plastics manufacturing and specialty tooling. Mirror Image Tool offers design and construction of secondary machining equipment, manufacturing, gaging, assembly, and inspection equipment and tooling.

Rapid Prototyping

  • STL models that can be used as a hands-on visual
  • Die cast prototypes are used for validation testing
  • 3D modeling and utilization for quotation purposes
  • CMM layout programs and verification
  • Software and File portal available for customer models


  • Aluminum die casting
  • Up to 1600-ton casting capacity machines
  • New GR late model die cast machines (capacity info here)
  • High degree of automation
  • Plastic injection molding
  • CNC machining (horizontal and vertical)
  • Design and construction of dies, fixtures and gauges (in-house tooling)
  • EDM-Electrical discharge machining
  • Finishing and coating (e-coating, powder coating or chrome)
  • Quality lab and inspection ensures dimensional correctness: CNC coordinate measuring, X-ray equipment and optical compactors
  • Pressure testing